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Ireland is an exciting place to live and study. The blend of tradition and contemporary living is unique. Wer are proud and protective of the ancient culture, yet it has embraced its role as a centre fro the digital revolution and international trade. Over 4.1 million people enjoy its mild, oceanic climate and a landscape that stretches across lakes and mountains, and more than 2,000 miles of coastline which attracts over 6 million tourists to its shores yearly.

In recent years, Ireland has become a global centre for the banking, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and software industries. With an impressively high quality of life and a well-educated workforce, many international companies have set up their European headquarters in the country. Ireland has had one of the highest economic growth rates in the EU and much of this success can be attributed to our education system, Its long and impressive academic tradition has been established over many years and, today, the country offers one of the highest standards of education in the world.



Cities in Ireland


Dublin id filled with a lively population who delight in sharing their lrish culture. Your English will expand as you explore the shop, cafés and outdoor markets and discover the city’s highlights, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Temple Bar and Trinity College, EF Dublin’s central location in Fitzwilliam Square is ideal for finding new surprises after class –from live local music to funky little boutiques.

The City of Dublin

Dublin continues to be one of Europe's most vibrant and exciting capitals. It is a university city and home to many renowned centres of leanring. A large percentage of the city's population is under 35 and with many cafes, restaurants, cinemas, music venues, pubs and few clubs to choose from, there are few better cities in which to enjoy your times as a student. The city's mix of cultural and economic success, along with the strength of its literary and musical tradition, makes Dublin you'll be right at the heart of it, just a few minutes away from the city centre itself.