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Cyprus has a highly developed system of primary and secondary education offering both public and private education. The high quality of instruction can be attributed to a large extent to the above-average competence of the teachers but also to the fact that nearly 7% of the GDP is spent on education which makes Cyprus one of the top three spenders of education in the EU along with Denmark and Sweden. The majority of Cypriots receive their higher education at Greek, British, Turkish, other European and North American universities. It is noteworthy that Cyprus currently has the highest percentage of citizens of working age who have higher-level education in the EU at 30% which is ahead of Finland's 29.5%. In addition 47% of its population aged 25–34 have tertiary education, which is the highest in the EU. The body of Cypriot students is highly mobile, with 78.7% studying in a university outside Cyprus.

Schools in Cyprus

1. Cyprus International Institute of Management

Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM)
21 Akademias Avenue, P.O. Box 20378
2151 Aglandjia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Programs Available:

CIIM offers following programmes:
-MBA (Master of Business Administration)
-Master of Public Sector Management
-MSc programme:
-MSc in Management
-MSc in Finance and Banking
-MSc in Human Resource Management and OB

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2. C.D.A College

C.D.A College

Program Available:

- English

- BA in Business


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3. Larnaca College

Larnaca College
75 Mehmet Ali, 6026 P.O Box: 42863
Larnaca Cyprus

Program Available:

- English

- BA in Business, in Hospitality Management, in Management.

- Postgraduate diploma in Management Studies.

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25 Arch. Makariou III Avenue,
PO Box 40830, Larnaka 6308, CYPRUS

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