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National Dali Senior High School is a senior high school in Dali City, Taiwan, Republic of China. In the early times, National Dali Senior High school discuss to National Chung Hsing University that change to be "The Affiliated High School of Chung Hsing University". However, the advice and consideration of various parties, it failed miserably. Dali is the ancient capital of both the Bai kingdom Nanzhao, which flourished in the area during the 8th and 9th centuries, and the Kingdom of Dali, which reigned from 937-1253. Situated in a once Significantly Muslim part of South China. Dali was also the center of the Panthay Rebellion against the reigning imperial Qing Dynasty from 1856-1863. It was severely damaged during an earthquake in 1925.

Schools in Dali

1. Dali University

Dali University



Program Available:

- Chinese Language

- Bachelor's progam

- Master's program

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